DRESS FOR SUCCESS – 9 basic rules

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Whenever you are in a situation when you have to go to an important appointment, job interview, promotion, seminar or something that expects a formal approach and your normal style is casual, it’s not easy to just jump into formal style. We all connect formal style with suits, shirts, very closed and monotone, but formal style is actually a tiny bit more complicated than it looks like and it is always good to know what’s right or wrong before you get a chance to find out by yourself (on yourself :).

There are some rules “behind the scene” that will make sure you will leave an appropriate and decent impression and, the best thing is that they are super simple. Click on “read more” to find them out :)

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1. Covered shoulders

One of the most important and already very well known rules of business dressing is not to reveal your shoulders and thighs. This includes excessive cleavage as well. Instead sleeveless shirts, choose a shirt with short sleeves or wear anything without sleeves, and then put on a jacket or cardigan. The easiest way is just to pick long sleeve shirt made from material that fits the season (thicker or lighter).

2. 2 fingers above the knee
This rule applies to the length of women’s skirts or dresses. This is the length that is considered appropriate for business dress/skirt. Everything shorter than that is not
 appropriate no matter how hot it is. 
Tip – always make sure that the color of your socks/leggings is lighter than skirt / dress.

3. Without revealed toes
Maybe you have the best looking toes in the world or fresh pedicured feet with beautiful nail polish but save it for some other occasion :) Revealed toes are really not on “to do” list for businesswear and that is what everyone should remember. Opened heel is still tolerated, but toes are a big “no-no”.

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4. Expensive jewelr after 6pm

Another important rule that many fresh /young business people do not know. Expensive jewelry, such as family legacy, gems,pearls, etc. should be worn after 6 pm.
 In addition, for job interviews, meetings with supervisors and business partners, presentations or lectures always choose thin watches as it leaves a better and classy impression.

5. Tied hair

If your job requires 100% business dress code, never, but never ever go to work / business meetings with untied hair. Business dress requires tied hair – a bun, ponytail or hair coupled with pins – there are 100 options that you can choose from. You can always add accessories to make it your own :)

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6. Avoid red

The red color in business dressing is recommended to avoid – except you are the boss :)
 It symbolizes power and is pretty aggressive so the smartest thing is to choose any other color (any!)  if you have a meeting with your superiors.

7. No labels

Avoid all kind of prints that advertise something or have some kind of a message because it is not welcomed (except if your job is somehow connected to fashion and it would be fine to wear it). It can put you in not that very pleasant situation. Exception is, of course, clothes that your company gave you to wear :)

8. Dark jeans

If you are allowed to wear jeans at work in, for example, office, just make sure that they are dark.
Same goes for meetings etc.

9. Neutral make-up

This rule you already probably know. No matter if you think you look awful with minimalistic makeup, do not overdo it. Good quality make-up base/foundation, a maximum of two coats of mascara, eyeshadows in earth tones, blush for a healthy look and lip gloss in light shades/ nude lipstick will be perfect and you will  look amazing and put together :) Moreover, this kind of look is very popular now!

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That’s it, very simple but very important to know :)
I hope you’ve  learnt something new and you will be (if not already) in a position to apply these rules.The title of the post says that this is the first part. The second part of the formal dress code applies to the colors, what they say about you, or what color to wear, and which to avoid according to what you want to achieve and which impression you want to leave :)

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