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Hello my dear readers!

September was a crazy month – my first full month of living in Sweden, studying full time and also my birthday month! We entered October which means it’s time for september favorites!

It still feels very new to me living here but so far so good, amazing people and amazing education that I was craving for – but more of that in a post that’s coming in few days related to my life here as a student and showing you my apartment :) Since I moved, I had to explore swedish beauty and fashion market so I got few things that I’ve been loving this month and I wanted to share them with you. In these favorites I will also include what I got for birthday because my boyfriend, friends and family really though about me and gave me gifts that I love so much!

So, enjoy the post :)


h&m hat, shaping jeans and lindex shirt

There are 3 garments that I really wanted to purchase this month and I am so in love them :

asimetrical knitted shirt (Lindex, 31.00€) which has this beautiful trendy fall colour, shaping jeans (H&M, 53.50€) that my dear friend Maddie recommended and she was so righ – if you are searching for new pair of jeans, try these, they fit so well and hold everything on place – it’s insane, and beautiful grey hat (H&M, 26.50€) made of 100% wool.

All 3 pieces are relatively affordable, perfect for fall and can be styled in so many different ways! Since I didn’t bring any high heels here to Sweden to wear when I’m going out, I was searching for a pair of over knee boots. I think it’s a very statement piece and they look so hot on anyone, if you style them well. I found these Tamaris suede over knee boots (64.00€) and I am so happy with them! I got them in size 38 (even tough I wear 37) only because they are a bit narrow and have a pointed toe.


Most of these pieces you can find on

There is also one very cool, new fashion related app that I recommend you to try out – Get Spring App – if you are interested in discovering new brands and online shopping with worldwide delivery!


My best friends, Tina and Marija, sent me this beautiful gift made by croatian jewelry brand Sexy Plexy. It has letters of our first names and it means so much to me since I’m very far away from them. It’s also one of my favorite bracelets right now, I usually don’t wear silver so this one is a little refreshment and it looks so nice with literally any outfit!


I had a birthday almost 3 weeks ago and my boyfriend, family and friends picked the best gifts in the world! I was so happy, it was crazy. They really showed me that they think about me and what I like. So, these are some of the gifts and favorites at the same time!


Naked 1 palette by Urban Decay – it was on my wishlist for such a long time! I love it, absolutely everything about it, colors, pigmentation, lasting, brush is really good as well! This is a perfect pallete, you don’t need anything else for your everyday makeup in terms of eyeshadows! You can easily find it on any makeup online store, it is a little bit more expensive, but when you think of how much you will use it – it’s totally worth it!

bobbi bron lipstick hot berry

My boyfriend really worked hard on choosing the girst for me this year and plus Naked 1, got me 2 Bobbi Brown lipsticks. I literally couldn’t believe that he picked colours that I would pick for myself right away! This is the one I wore a bit more this month – Hot Berry 0E and the other one is in colour Watermelon 97 – simply beautiful and such a high quality!


The late surprise came just few days ago from Germany from my cousin and his girlfriend Sandra – who you can watch on her Youtube channel Sekaesk! This Zoeva makeup brush set (vegan) would probably be my next makeup investment and they really surprised me, I couldn’t believe it! I’m still trying it out but so far they are amazing, so soft and so easy to work with. I was thinking about doing a special post about this set so let me know if you are interested in that :)


I brough only 1 nailpolish with me to Sweden and I really wanted to get one basic nude colour and one bolder. The nude pink one I bought in H&M, it’s in colour Sepia and another one I got from my parents – ArtDeco 740 which is so beautiful and perfect for this fall.

invisible bobble

This invisible bobble is probably my biggest beauty discovery since I came to Sweden – everyone has them. At first I didn’t get it, but now when I have it, I totally do. First, it doesn’t break your hair because it kind of gets into your hair and second, it hold so well, unbeliveable, I’m impressed. I can’t tell if it would work that well with silky hair because mine is totally the opposite, but 3 of them in a pack cost around 6€ so maybe it’s worth of trying them out. I absolutey recommend them!


I moved into my new apartment 6 weeks ago and slowly been decorating it since then. Here is a small collage of my favorite things in the apartment – few sparkly jars and gold framed mirror from Rusta, two favorite candles – Green Valley and one that I got from my new amazing friends here in Boras – Af Fjord Mandarin Coriander scented candle – love it, pillows with prints and two cozy blankets also from Rusta and this cute plant with white flowers that I picked up in a local flowe shop.


As I said, I’m planning to do a room tour, maybe even a video so please let me know if you find that idea interesting :)

That would be it for September favorites, I wish you a nice monday and rest of the week too!


square mile of style


2 thoughts on “September FAVORITES |fashion, beauty & home|

  1. Šeširić je odličan! Ja ih obožavam.. :)
    Odlični favoriti i odlični pokloni, sve što bih i ja sama htjela, heh.. i naravno da želimo room tour! :)


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