ROOM TOUR | student apartment |

Hello and welcome to my new apartment!

As you could read here some posts ago, in August I moved from Croatia to Sweden for my Master programme in Fashion Management at Swedish School of Textiles. So far, it has been an amazing experience and I love it here! Since I had to move my life to a new country, I though to show you how my at first empty apartment looks now when I settled down.

I live in a student building and what was really important to me is to have a small kitchen and bathroom just for me, so that I a small tip for you – check that before you move! Most of student buildings have common bathrooms and kitchen areas and I’m used to have that only for myself and that was my number 1 priority.

I moved into a completely empty apartment when it gets to furniture and had to buy everything, which was a bit of a struggle because I moved to a small town, there’s no a lot of furniture stores here but I had my boyfriend here with a car and that was a life saver!

I also have to say that I am not allowed to  put anything on the walls and that’s why I don’t have any pictured which I terribly miss but nothing to do about it, I won’t stay here for too long so it’s okay :)

So… take a  cup of coffe and enjoy next 4 minutes of my room tour!

Feel free to comment & subscribe to my channel, there are new videos coming up soon!

Thank you for watching!

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2 thoughts on “ROOM TOUR | student apartment |

  1. Soba je predivna! Kao da sam je ja sama sređivala, potpuno u mom stilu! Drago mi je da si se lijepo snašla tu i želim ti puno sreće s faksom! :D :*

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