Moving to Sweden | impressions and experience |

Hello my dear readers :)

I felt like I want to do a continuation on my last Moving abroad post before I actually moved – your can read it by clicking HERE –  and this time I did a video with frequently asked questions included and some tips for everyone who is moving aborad in general and especially to Scandinavian countries.

For a short intro, if you haven’t followed me back then, I moved in August, from Croatia to Sweden to do a Master Programme in Fashion Management at Swedish School of Textiles :)

So, enjoy this video, give it a “THUMBS UP” if you like it & SUBSCRIBE to my channel HERE !

I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to ask any questions in comments below the video or a post, I would be happy to answer!




square mile of style


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  1. Robin Jensen says:

    Great video! I have almost the same experience in the train! I though I could buy a ticket on the train… I couldn`t. Best regards!

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    1. Oh I so glad I’m not the only one! Such a strange thing not to be able to buy a ticket inside! :) thank you!!


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