Making Life Decisions – MOVING ABROAD | and how can you do it too! |

How to make one of the biggest decisions in your life, pack your stuff and sit on a plane to search for new adventures, opportunities or just a fresh start?

It seems like a very hard decision, maybe even impossible – but it’s not! Based on my personal experience, I will prove you how one decision can open the new window of your life!

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My first though about moving abroad ended up convincing myself that I cannot do it for bunch of very funny reasons and they all started with – “it’s not that easy”! What a mistake! But I didn’t know better and I pushed that thought deep inside, the last drawer in my brain hoping that time will come when it will get easy. Of course it didn’t.

Instead of making this decision by myself – and for myself, it seems like I needed some help. I met my boyfriend 3.5 years ago on a plane to Asia, he is from Sweden and I am Croatian (love story some other time :). What he changed in my thoughts and my mind, I would like to change in yours today.

I feel like a lot of people tell me today that I was so brave to do this, they would never be able to, they are at the college, they can’t leave because of this and that, they have no money (which I agree is an actual problem that can be solved) and so on. Same excuses I was giving to myself even tough I was burning inside wanting to experience new cultures! That’s why I would love to break all of your suspicious and affraid thoughts and give you a courage to take your life into your hands – and make that decision!

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Perfect time is now – right now. There is always something in each moment that can serve you as an excuse and as a reason to delay stuff. The hardest part is to start – to decide. Once you do it, everything gets better and better in your mind. I was in the middle of my Master Program and couldn’t even imagine leaving it in the middle of the program (which I didn’t even like). It was so hard for me to deal with actually quitting started Master to start the one I really wanted. I struggled, but I tried to see myself in future. Absorbing the fact that the earlier you make a decision – the earlier will it pay off is the crucial point. You are right between your Bachelor and Master? Starting college? Done with Master? Hate your job? Don’t know what to do? Perfect timing!

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You don’t have to have a legit reason and even more – people around you don’t have to understand you. My reasons were my boyfriend and desire to study certain program – pretty good ones, right? Now it’s easy to say – you had good reasons. The truth is – my first and only reason in this world was a need for a change. I just felt it, I needed to get out of my box because I started feeling trapped. A reason can be anything – your feelings, wishes, ambitions, education, work, curiosity… When I decided to move to Sweden, many didn’t understand. My parents were worried, friends had no idea how did I get that though, but guess what – they are all good now and everyone survived! What makes you happy, will make the ones who love you happy too.

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Sit down and really think about excuses you are maybe making that keep you away from making this decision. Is it really impossible? Or you just want it to be a little bit more impossible? It doesn’t even make sense that you would make excuses if this is what YOU want but believe me – it’s very possible. I recognize myself very well in this. I tried for many times with things like I will for sure not get into the college, I will not meet new friends, it’s hard to do a paperwork to quit this college… I don’t even want to remember more. Now when I’m writing this, the only thing I wish is that I would have had realized that I’m making excuses only to myself – for no obvious reason.

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This is the hard part. Thinking about making a big decision like this makes you think about so many issues that you could potentially face and you are right, some of them you will for sure face. But, honestly, are those the worst ones you can have? What is the worst thing that can happen? You will have to go back home? For me, there was no worse than I had – being on a college that I didn’t enjoy seeing how my future is going to hell. There is a solution for every problem and it’s a good idea to just start, you will face potential problems and solve them on your way – if there will ever be any.

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You have this brilliant idea to move abroad and you have no idea what to do or where to start. Maybe you don’t even know where to go? Sit down and think about it, do a research, combine your reasons with your possibilities and narrow your choices (and also check links I put down below to help you). If you, for example, don’t have money for it at the moment – maybe you can search for a paid internship, exchange (usually covered), stipendium or even a job (there are so many jobs that you can get doing only a Skype interview). If non of these are your possibilities, you can plan to wait for a certain amount of time keeping your final goal as a motivation.

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The most important part of all of these is that you stay determined and work on your decision. Be open minded and don’t think too much. Think about this as something you are doing for yourself because you are the one who you’re waking up in the morning and going to sleep with. Don’t expect anything and enjoy the process. If you don’t make decisions in your life, the results will hardly come to you – no matter if it’s about moving or anything else. Just go for it, see if you like what you are experiencing and keep your happiness in a first place. Going away from somewhere means that you have a place to come back, whatever happens. And no, going back doesn’t mean that you failed – it means that you tried!

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Here are some useful links for everyone who wants to or is moving abroad: × feel at home around the world × program search × programme & stipendium search in Europe × worldwide job & study program search × summer jobs and volunteering × student experiences & program search

Remember that things like this don’t happen to lucky people or to everyone else but you, it happens to those who decide to make a first step. We are all designers of our own happiness!

Thank you for reading! <3

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