FRESH DISCOVERY: Interesting YouTubers that might become your new Favorites

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in the youtube ocean and between most popular and known youtubers, we all have our favorites and this time I picked few amazing channels that deserve to be mentioned (and watched) way more than they are. check them out!

confessions of a hairstylist youtube channel


I discovered this channel recently and fell in love with it right away! Jenny Strebe is doing amazing hairstyles on beautiful, young models that have perfect hair – I just can’t stop watching it! Tutorials are made in her hair studio which looks really professional and are actually pretty easy to follow even though they look very complicated.

mimi ikkon fashion beauty lifestyle youtube channel


Mimi Ikonn is probably the most inspirational person in a Youtube World. She does a lot of hair, fashion and beauty videos but what actually makes her one of my favorites is her personality and her lifestyle – she is all about spreading a positive vibe and after watching her videos, I get super inspired to concentrate on positive and great small thing life is bringing and think about how much I appreciate world around myself.

a beauty whisperer youtube channel


Kahlia makes fashion/beauty videos and tutorials and is one of those whose videos I really love to watch. She is such a nice person, has incredible editing skills and is still developing her channel! I love her short reviews on make up brands and her make up is always, but always stunning and easy to do. What is really interesting is that she is from Australia and you can definitely feel that influence which just makes her a bit more special :)

fablunch vegan healthy youtube channel


If you are into vegan (and even if you aren’t) and healthy food that takes a short time to prepare and is super simple – this is a perfect channel!  All the recepies are very easy to follow, ingridients are always available and ideas are very original and Pinteres-like. I am not very into food channels but this one I would really recommend to everyone who cares about healthy lifestyle.

two years eight months youtube channel

two years eight months

Sisters Michelle and Aline are behind this beautiful, high quality beauty/fashion/lifestyle channel. Their DIYs are so creative and cute and overall they both have a very lovely personality! I enjoy all of their videos, it is highly noticable how much they pay attention to editing and filming aspect.

Do you have a favorite Youtube channel? Let me know down below in the comments

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Thank you for reading! <3

square mile of style beauty lifestyle fashion



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2 thoughts on “FRESH DISCOVERY: Interesting YouTubers that might become your new Favorites

  1. I love it when blogs I follow start YouTube channels! I love reading their words but watching them lets you get to know them even better- my current favourite is Daisy Chains In The Rain. Ooh you have a channel, I’ll subscribe now xo

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