Spa Night in Gothenburg, Sweden

Last Sunday I spent an amazing afternoon and night in Upper House Spa & Relax in Gothenburg here in Sweden and since my experience was way beyond my expectations, I wanted to share it with you.

This was my birthday gift from my boyfriend and finally we decided to make it happen last weekend. Since we live pretty close to Gothenburg it was a logical choice and among so many spa hotels, we randomly chose Upper House Spa & Relax in Gothia Towers in the heart of Gothenburg.

Why? Because they we offering a wonderful Sunday to Monday stay with spa, breakfast and four course dinner included for a pretty fair price for a 5* hotel. So, I am sharing with you a little bit of our experience and in the end of the post you can also watch a short Travel with me video :)

GOTHENBURG – the second largest city in Sweden

Without throwing lots of facts about the city of Gothenburg, I would rather share my thoughts with you. This was my first time in Gothenburg and I loved it. For some reason, streets are reminding me of London, it is pretty stylish and even cozy! Architecture is really interesting, lots of mixes and something that I really loved was a huuuge fun park in the middle of Gothenburg (which is unfortunately not working during fall/winter). Very nice, clean and friendly city with an amazing central shopping area for any shopping lover (or addicts, better to say :)

We were searching for a place to have lunch and randomly chose one close to Gothia Towers were our residence was – Berzelius Bar & Matsal! It was so good, really great service and food was so delicious. Prices were also relatively ok, around 150-180 SEK  (20-25€) per dish which is, I would say, normal for a decent swedish restaurant.


Our room was on 23rd floor which was absolutely scary for me but I somehow managed and embraced the height :) The room was lovely, two TV’s, stunning view, beautiful bathroom with nice big bath and great service! I really have all the best to say about it, I could spend many more nights there.


This is why we came here and we made such a right choice! Service is really outstanding, we were welcomed and given our treatment in a small bag with instructions how to use the treatment visiting every part of the spa at the same time – this was such a great experience because you are basically doing a full circle treatment by yourself just following a schedule.

Spa was not crowded at all, the view was amazing (especially when it got dark), saunas too and outdoor pool on 19th floor with clear bottom was a spectacular experience (not so much at the beginning for me but I managed to relax and enjoy it :). There is also a silent room to relax and meditate with served fresh fruits, cashew and scented water or juice.  We loved it!


Before I jump to breakfast, I have to say that our four dinner course was really nice, with a romatic view from 25th floor and really delicious food – from italian prosciutto and romanian and danish cheese to codfish with potatoes and creme brule for a dessert.

The morning after spa and dinner we went back to 25th floor and enjoyed wonderful breakfast with a great view (we were very lucky that we had a nice weather). There was a lot to choose from and also a lot of lactose and gluten free food and drinks which is a normal thing  here in Sweden, compared to some other countries where it’s very hard to find it. Anyways, after breakfast it was time for some shopping :)


Kungsgatan is a famous shopping street in center of Gothenburg and has basically every store you would like to visit, all close to each other so you don’t have to walk a lot.  I was searching for gloves, scarf and foundation and came back with gloves, two shirts and candles (familiar? :). It started raining so our shopping mood kind of died a little bit and we were looking forward to going back to my apartment in Boras and have a nice, cozy evening after relaxing end of the week!

watch a video

All in all, if you are ever visiting Gothenburg or searching for a high quality spa – this is a place I would love to recommend! Lovely, relaxing evening is guaranteed :)

Thank you for reading.

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