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I finally got my hands on ZOEVA Vegan Bamboo Brush set which is one of their best-sellers and a set that every cosmetics lover wants in their collection! if they are on your wishlist too, keep reading and see why you shouldn’t think twice.

Zoeva brushes were on top of my wishlist for a long time and I was so happy when I got my first ever Zoeva Brush set for my birthday two months ago. I had enough time to use them and make my opinion about every single brush.

I have VEGAN BAMBOO SET Vol.2 which contains 8 eco-friendly brushes. A beige Zoeva clutch with a golden zipper also came in the package but I actually use that one as a college clutch for my pencils, phone, lipgloss etc ;)

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review


Snimka zaslona (11)

65€ – 8 brushes in a tubular box + clutch
5 face brushes & 3 eye brushes

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review


Snimka zaslona (11)

Face brushes
103 Defined Buffer: Apply and blend foundation
105 Highlight: Apply highlighter and powder
109 Face Paint: Contour and shape professionally
128 Cream Cheek: Apply powder, blush and bronzer
142 Concealer Buffer: Apply and blend concealer

Eye brushes
227 Soft Definer: Softly apply and blend eyeshadow
232 Classic Shader: Apply and blend eyeshadow on the entire lid
317 Wing Liner: Apply eyeliner with the perfect flick

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review

103 Defined Buffer: foundation

Application of a liquid foundation is so easy with this brush. It blends quickly and doesn’t absorb a lot of foundation, it is super soft but still enough pressure to blend the foundation into the skin. I completely switched from my beauty blender to this buffer.

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review

105 Highlight: highlighter and powder

This is one of my favorites in this set even though I don’t use higlighter every day, I use it for setting up my make up (which I do with a plan baby powder) and this brush is perfect for that. Again, very soft and easy to work with, very fluffy so it really leave the right amount of a product on your skin.

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review

109 Face Paint: Contour and shape

This brush, as you can see, I use a lot for shaping / contouring but I also like to use it for a foundation from time to time. It’s a bit harder and shorter and you can achieve very nice contours. The only thing I wish is if it could be a bit wider.

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review

128 Cream Cheek: powder, blush and bronzer

My all time favorite – blush brush. I use it only as a blush brush, it has a perfectly cut angle that fits my cheeks and honestly, applying brush was never easier for me, it’s a great size and very easy application, again, super soft too.

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review

142 Concealer Buffer: concealer

I honestly didn’t think I need a concealer buffer at all in my life until I tried this one. I don’t get my hand off of it. It’s the first one I’ve ever tried so it’s hard to compare but I am loving it so far. Great shape, good density and so easy to buff a product with it. I am using ArtDeco Camouflage Cream Concealer and these two work together very well.

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review

227 Soft Definer: eyeshadow  &
232 Classic Shader: eyeshadow

These two brushes are my go-to duo for applying eyeshadows. I have to say I use soft definer a bit more because my everyday makeup consist of only one eyeshadow so it’s the easiest to blend but for anything more than that, the combination of the two works great. Size is really good for my eyelids and a brush really holds the product not dropping a lot during application which means no too much cleaning after.

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review

317 Wing Liner: eyeliner

Eyeliner brush I barely used only because I’m used to applying liner with the one that comes with a product and I use liquid eyeline. I actually wish this one to be a bit thicker and then I would use it for filling in my brows but it’s way too thin for that right now. I guess that if you are applying a liner with a brush, this would be a good one because it’s looks very precise and structured.

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review


Snimka zaslona (11)

I have to say that I expected a lot and I got a lot. This is a high quality brush set that I have no plane to change for a long time and it is worth of every euro. Applying your make up flows so easily with these soft brushes and they really reduce the chance of making bigger mistakes – they are suitable for beginner too! Also, the fact that they are eco-friendly for this price really makes me feel good.

One thing that I would love is the liner brush to be replaced with a eyebrow brush, then it would be perfect 8 for me!

So, to make a short resime =  set of carefully selected, extra soft, easy to use and high quality brushes made of eco-friendly materials suitable for a beginner and a professional! You don’t have to think twice, believe me.

BUY THIS SET at zoeva.de

(and also take a look at other sets or single brushes)

Zoeva Bamboo Vegan Brush Set Makeup Brushes review

Thank you for reading!



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