Valentine’s day city-trip – do it differently

Christmas just passed and Valentine’s Day is already knocking on the door! I didn’t even recover from brainstorming ideas for Petter’s Christmas gift and birthday gift which was literally 2 weeks after and I was already in a process of getting some awsome gift idea for V Day. In all that panic, my friend mentioned that she always used to travel for that occasion and I though, why not! 

Instead of another gift (even though we were pretty satisfied last year, I would say), Petter accepted my idea of spending that money on another fun city-trip. 3 weeks ago I was in Dublin with my amazing Belgian girl and I am still in a huge traveling mood so it came as a perfect solution and rest for my gift brainstorming! Since we are located in southern to central Sweden at the moment, we were thinking about renting a cottage house first somewhere around Gothenburg or lake Vatten, but in th end, we really decided on a city – Oslo!

Being in a long distance for a year and a half basically consisted of traveling between Croatia and Sweden, not really giving us any space to explore around and now I finally feel like we are able to peek into other European countries, especially since flights from Sweden are way more affordable than from Croatia.

Anyway, knowing that Norway is even more expensive than Sweden, we wanted to make sure that we don’t spend huge amount of money. We booked a bus from Boras (it takes 4:30 hours to Oslo) and an acoomodation with www.airbnb.comif you still haven’t discovered it, you have to do it now!

I really feel good about doing Valentine’s Day this way, it just feels like spending time and money the best way it can be spent and it crosses another city on my bucket list. Besides Oslo, here are my recommendations for European city-trips that could be really lovely during Valentine’s day, but also any other time when you have a chance to travel with your better half or a friend!

Europen city-trips for vanetine's day


Since I have been there 3 weeks ago and it was amazing, I can’t skip Dublin. Even though the weather could be a potential minus, it shouldn’t be a reason not to go! Dublin is perfect to visit for 2-3 days in which you can see amazing Trinity College, Old “Harry Potter” Library, Guinnes Storehouse which was super interesting, lots of galleries and museums and, of course, Irish pubs! 

City-trip for Valentine's Day, Dublin, Ireland


This New Year’s Eve I was in Copenhagen and I totally fell in love with this city. There is much to explore and tons of great restaurants where you can enjoy amazing scandinavian food! If you feel super romantic, you can always book a night in one of few Spa Resorts or take a boat through canals and see the city from that perspective. Totally worth it!

City-trip for Valentine's Day, Copenhagen, Denmark


If you are looking for an affordable option, this is what you are looking for. Prague offers cool bohemian culture with interesting architecture (and good beer too :). It is a charming city and lots of non-touristic areas to explore, plus it’s in the centre of Europe so you can easily access your next stop.

City-trip for Valentine's Day, Prague, Czech Republic


This is not a classic city trip, but since it was a place we visited last year, it just has to be mentioned because it was incredibly beautiful. You can book pretty affordable hotel room that has a view on the lake and the castle and also visit a castle and see how it all looks from above. It left really beautiful impression on us and I really recommend it.



Still on my wishlist, Budapest is, with it’s lake Balaton, one of the must-stops in Europe. It can be especially beautiful in the winter time if there is snow and it is perfect for a weekend visit. It is also very well connected with other bigger cities and you can always fly there by cheap airlines like Ryanair.

City-trip for Valentine's Day, Budapest, Hungary


The city where I studied for 4 years and the capital of my home country is one of forgotten cities in Europe but for no reason! Old city of Zagreb is super charming with lots of coffee bars and restaurants of all types where you can take a walk and enjoy the view. There is a lot to explore and see and the prices are super fine compared to other European cities. 

City-trip for Valentine's Day, Zagreb, Croatia


Classic romantic weekend is guaranteed in Venice, without any doubt. Beautiful canals which you can go through in the gondola, amazing architecture and especially bridges, wining and dining in cute, charming italian restaurants – if you want a romance overload, this is the place!

City-trip for Valentine's Day, Venice, Italy

I hope that this gave you some future ideas or plans, that you will spend you Valentine’s Day just how you want it and I would love to find out if you have any recommendations for city-trips you did or just want to do in future! :)



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