Working in the fashion industry

Since I was a little girl, I enjoyed pretending that my mom’s walk-in closet was a runway and I was a model trying out all of her clothes. There was nothing more fun than walking around in her shoes and making her longs skirts my dresses. Growing up I knew I was in love with fashion, but it seemed like everyone thinks that should be a hobby, not a job. In my late teenage years, I decided that I will go for it and make fashion my profession and follow my dreams.

My fashion journey started with studying (and finishing) Bachelor in Fashion Design in Zagreb, Croatia. It was quite an amazing journey in which I’ve learnt a lot about the history of fashion, materials, fibers, construction, cuts and in the end, how a well-done garment has to look like. However, I felt like design and I don’t match. Today I think it was maybe because I chose to study design in a place that is not a fashion center and I never got further than thinking how design should be unique. What I was sure about is that fashion is still my dream number one and while studying, I was volunteering as designer’s assistant at fashion show season after season.

Photo by Olivia Larsson

At the second year of college, I took a course in one of the world’t famous fashion schools Istituto Marangoni in Milan and earned a diploma of a Personal Shopper and Fashion Image Consultant. This one-month trip to Milan made me realize that there is way more than just design like forecasting, sourcing, production, distribution, retailing, events, styling, curating… From that moment on, I knew I need to take one of the biggest steps in my life and leave old myself in Croatia and start a new fashion journey somewhere else where all these things will be available to me.

Photo by Olivia Larsson

Now when I am writing this new “Dear Diary…” post, I am sitting in my small room in the middle of Sweden, attending one of the best Scandinavian fashion schools – Swedish School of Textiles. I am doing my Master program in Fashion Management and I love it! It feels like everything I ever wanted. I am learning about fashion from a different perspective, how to work with it, how to sell it, how to be creative with it and so much more. (if you are interested in moving experience and impressions, click here!)


Fashion industry is really rough, whatever anyone says. There is a lot of competition and market is just full of brands, there is a lot of problems within parts of the fashion loop and many other fields but that only means one thing – a challenge is set. There is always space for new collections, new brands and new ideas – that is how the industry keeps rolling. Being a part of one of the biggest industries in the world is amazing! Living in a world with people who share the same passion and who take fashion seriously and live it is something a fashion lover will always enjoy. This is an industry where creativity takes a huge place, together with open minds and ability to take big risks. And the best is –  every profession can be a part of fashion. Marketing, human resourcing, branding, designing, sourcing, developing products, producing, transporting, selling and many other fields are all part of this huge industry that is moving faster every day, trying to supply the demand of no one else but us, consumers.


In this moment, I am in a process of searching for an internship within fashion to experience the “real thing”. I believe it is important to try out whatever you can to be sure what you want and what you don’t want because one day, there is nothing I want more than to go to work being excited and with a smile on my face (at least most of the working days ;) After studying for almost five years, I am so eager to test the theory, to apply my knowledge, to be a part of a process, to learn, explore and improve! It is just so amazing but at the same time scary to know that next year I will get my Master diploma and my professional journey in fashion can start. Can’t wait!


When searching for a fashion internship or a job, I would suggest to start with Fashion United, especially because you can choose between many countries that are listed on the page. If there is a favorite brand you would like to work for, there is nothing to loose with sending an open application or sometimes brands have a list of opened job/intern positions in a “career” section on their websites. LinkedIn is also one of the great sources for searching a job and a big plus is an ability to filter industries, positions and countries/cities. P.S. make sure that your profile is also polished because you never know who is searching for new potential talents :)



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