Moving to Munich & Fashion Internship

I moved to Sweden not even 6 months ago and yet I’m moving again! It is so exciting and my fingers are tingling while typing. My next stop is Munich for 2,5 months where I will do an internship as a Fashion Curator in Fashion Direction department – literally a dream come true!  



Moving to Sweden was a huge step for me (you can read all about my journey and experience here & here) but somehow it became a starting point of a new life for me and everything is going up since then (*knock-knock*). I moved here not only to be with my dream-guy (I promise I will do a story soon) and also to follow my dream – study fashion management! Within my two year program, internship is placed instead of two courses which gives a great opportunity to explore different options since the time period for being an intern is at least 2 months. 

I first started to search within Sweden but it was so hard. I am still not speaking Swedish fluently which was a big problem and I had a heard time finding what I really wanted. I was seeking for a creative job, connected to styling to also enhance my personal shopper/image consultant background and Sweden just didn’t seem to have a place for me which was not easy to accept, knowing that I moved here to stay and live here for a while and realizing that I will have to find a job here once I am done with school. 

However, I decided not to quit and thought why not to try other countries – there is no better time to explore new places. While on one hand it meant that I am going back to long distance again now when we finally are in the same country, on the other hand it presented a great opportunity, new language, new culture so I took a risk and applied to one internship offer in Germany, Munich (read on how to search for internship) which made me super excited the moment I read the description . Two interviews later – I am starting April 4th and cannot be more excited and happy about the job and Munich!


My new job is in one great start-up company having an online fashion platform which I believe is a great opportunity to learn a lot about fashion industry and business. I will be an intern within Fashion Curation sector which deals with content making, styling, creating collections and moodboards, just many many creative and fun stuff which I can’t wait to start with! The team is wonderful and made such a great impression, it is absolutely great when you fell that your working environment will be positive and stimulating.

At this point I am struggling with finding an accommodation in Munich and I have to admit that it is pretty stressful. Rents are super expensive, higher than in Sweden at this point, and not easy to grab. However, it’ still 6 more weeks to go and hopefully I will find a nice “new home” for my 10 weeks in one of the most beautiful German cities


Great times are ahead and I can’t wait what future brings and also to write down all of my impressions, experiences and share my thoughts and feelings with you :)

Stay happy & bright until the next post! :)



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