Diamond Heart Base Primer by Emite Make Up + Benefits Of Using A Primer

Few Glossyboxes ago, I received illuminating base primer by Emite Make Up which I can’t live without now. After using it for three months straight, I can say that this is one of the best primers I ever had in my make up bag so here is a review with the swatch and a reminder why is primer beneficial for the skin.




GlossyBox send a 15 ml package (full size) and after 3 months, I am almost done with it, which is impressive. This is an “artist” product which means it’s meant to be used for professional purposes so the quality is basically already guaranteed by that fact!

A small amount of the product is absolutely enough to prime your face and the structure of the tube assures you get the exact amount you want, it’s super easy to dose. Primer is a bit liquidy but very easy to apply. It has light beige color which is not visible once you start working with it.

It evens out skin really well, it actually gives a very radiant and healthy glow, it is not oily or dries out skin and it soaks in quite fast. It can also be worn by itself without applying foundation for a daily make up or just in combination with BB cream which is a combination I use the most and it gives me perfect daytime skin.

The price for Diamond Heart primer is around 34€ or 340 SEK and can be ordered here




  • seals pores
  • gives smooth surface to work with
  • softens skin
  • don’t cause breakouts
  • makes make up last longer (ideal for big events)
  • reduces redness and equalizes skin tone
  • fits any skin tone and color
  • gives healthy skin look
  • can be worn alone


Have a lovely day!



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