February Beauty Favorites – Clinique, Royal Aphotic,Soap & Glory and more |2016|

This month I used a lot of new beauty products which resulted in some great findings that I ended up using very often and for sure I will purchase them again. In these Favorites I concentrate more on products for skincare rather than make up because I really picked products I did and will continue to use on a regular basis as a part of my daily routine. 



I have been using MAC foundation for quite a long time and I started feeling like it got too heavy for my skin so I did a research and decided to purchase the Clinique foundation (I also use their CC cream that is my all time favorite) and the one I got recommended was Superbalanced Makeup Teint. I got it in December, used it basically every day and still have about half of the bottle.

Hand down, this one I love maybe even more than MAC. It is so light, very easy to blend and put on, not to thick and not too liquidy. The coverage is perfect for everyday makeup (not extreme), I don’t feel it at all on my face and I would say that it’s easy to build layers to get a fuller coverage. It stays for the whole day, but I use a primer anyways since I’m used to (read about my favorite primer here).There are a lot of shades to choose from, mine is in color 27 and fits fair yellowish skin perfectly.

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup teint Foundation reviewClinique Superbalanced Makeup teint Foundation reviewClinique Superbalanced Makeup teint Foundation review



I got this amazing 100% vegan heat protection spray in December Glossybox and since then I’m in love with it. This is seriously the queen of heat protection products. It has a pump which makes it super easy to dose and spread all over the hair, it has so many beneficial elements (and it’s free of all the bad ones) and it does not make hair greasy or sticky at all. I use it before drying my hair and any curling or flattening and it saves my hair. 

Maria Nila 100% Vegan Cream Heat Spray Heat Protection for Hair February Beauty FavoritesMaria Nila Stockholm 100% Vegan Hair Heat Protection Spray, February Beauty Favorites



I tried many toners in past couple of months and this is the one I kept in my daily routine. Very gentle, organic, natural, fresh toner for normal to combination skin, I would say. It cleans properly and leaves a nice fresh non-sticky feeling, it reminds me of spa treatments. It is really a basic toner so you shouldn’t expect anything too much from it, that’s why I think it’s the best match for normal skin without many problems.

Naobay Calming Face Toner review, natural and organic toner, skincare, february beauty favoritesNaobay Calming Face Skin Toner, Natural and Organic, Review, Skincare February Beauty Favorites



These two perfections I purchased while being on a city-trip in Dublin in January. Hand Food is almost gone while body lotion I keep for traveling which I did a lot in February. Hand cream smells amazing and gives a nice silky feeling to skin which is what I expect from a cream. I really think this is one of the best hand creams I had in my bag, it makes hands soft, soaks in pretty fast and smells great for hours, it is perfect for these rough cold Swedish days. Body lotion kind of has the same effect and it definitely makes a difference once you start using it regularly!

Soap and Glory The righteous Butter Body Lotion and Hand Food ReviewSoap and Glory The righteous Butter Body Lotion and Hand Food Review



This product I can talk about for hours. I am more than pleasantly surprised with it and I know this is not the last time I’m buying it.Besides the fact that this cream has so many amazing healthy ingredients, it does magic on skin! I apply it every night on my hands, arms, elbows and knees and the next morning skin is still soft and it still smells like heaven! Is there anything better to wake up to? In terms of beauty, I wouldn’t say so :)

Even tough it’s a bit more pricey, this cream is really my favorite by now. It has everything that you are searching for + it has tons of benefits and really puts a body cream on a different level.

Royal Apothic Moisturizing Body Cream February Beauty FavoritesRoyal Apothic Moisturizing Body Cream Nutrition Facts, Organic and Natural, February Beauty FavoritesRoyal Apothic Moisturizing Body Cream Review and Swatch, February Beauty Favorites



My saver this winter! Carmex literally fixed damage over the night, that I can confirm. I actually have two, one for my handbag and one next to bed because I honestly can’t go to sleep without applying it. It has eucalyptus and you can definitely fee it so it is maybe not for people who hate the little stinging feeling on their lips but I love it cause I know that it’s doing good to my lips :) It is a bit thick which is nice for winter, it’s super affordable and leaves a nice glossy transparent effect. It seriously became my lips’ best friend!

Carmex Moisturizing lip balm review february beauty favoritesCarmex Moisturizing Lip Balm Review and Swatch, Best lip balms to buy, February Beauty Favorites



I caught this one on -70% sale which was a crazy good deal. I love blue colors on nails, it reminds me of spring and summer which I really miss so this was definitely the nail polish I worn the most this month. It actually is a bit sparkly which is hard to notice on photos but it is not too much, just so it gives it a nice shine and bright color. As other Essie nail polishes, it dries very fast and lasts for at least few days so the quality is spot on.

Essie Bikini So Teeny Blue Nail Polishessie bikini so teenly blue nail polish swatch and review


Have a lovely week!



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7 thoughts on “February Beauty Favorites – Clinique, Royal Aphotic,Soap & Glory and more |2016|

    1. Hvala ti draga ❤️ iskreno, malo je cijena paprena, ali evo ovo bude 4.mjesec da ga koristim i ja sam prezadovoljna! Jedan sloj je onak fina dnevna polupokrivenost, a dva idealno za nocni izlazak. I ono najbolje – nije tezak, ne topi se, ne masti, ne isusuje i ne zatvara pore. Ovo mi definitivno nije zadnja bocica tak da zbilja preporucam (makar prvi tester traziti :) :*

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      1. Nema na čemu! <3 Da, proguglala sam malo i cijenu, ali ako kažeš da ti je već 4. mjesec korištenja i da ti prezadovoljna, isplati se :) Morat ću potražiti tester kada budem u blizini neke drogerije :) :*

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