Unboxing February GlossyBox + INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY announcement

This month my GlossyBox came extremely late for unknown reason which was a shame cause some products were definitely meant for Valentine’s day (and bedroom khm). Others came like ordered because I really needed some of them anyway. Full size products, great brands and value, I am more than satisfied!

February box was so pretty, proper Valentine’s day inspired design! Super girly and totally usable for jewelry, cosmetics or whatever fits in it :) I have to say that the box is super well packed every time, it really makes you feel pampered! If you want to see what was in my last Glossybox, click here! The price of the box is 13€/139SEK.

P.S. Read until the end cause there is an exciting announcement at the end of the post! :)

Glossybox February What was in the box

Glossybox February What was in the box

First thing that I took out was ORAL-B 3D White Luxe Perfection Toothpaste which is supposed to have advanced technology and it came in a full size. I was out of my toothpaste anyway so it came perfectly and I will definitely let you know if it works or not. (4€/39,90SEK)

Oral B Whitening Toothpaste Glossybox

Another full sized product from Elizabeth Mott came in this box and it is Queen of the Fill for eyebrows (fair-medium). I already tried it and it is so easy to work with it plus the color fits me and I will definitely use that one a lot! (18€/175,00SEK)

Elizabeth Mott Eybrow Fill queen of the fill

One product I said was meant for Valentine’s and bedroom is the RSFU Turn Up The Heat massage gel which can be for the whole body since it’s pH-neutral. Haven’t tried it yet, it is supposed to warm up while massaging so we will see :) ( 9€/89SEK)

Rsfu Sense me Turn up the heat massage gel glossybox

This is definitely my favorite product from this month’s box – BENEFIT They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer. It is waterproof, has pro-vitamin B5 and honestly makes lashes crazy long, I was so surprised and happy! On the other hand, what else to expect from a great brand like Benefit! (25€/250SEK)

Benefit They're Real Eylash Primer

Last but not the least is GLISS BB Cream 11-in-1 Hair Beautifier which I also already tried and the impressions are very positive, it for sure makes a difference in softness and moisturizing dry hair which I seriously need right now. It came in full size which is perfect! (8€/80SEK).

Gliss BB Hair Repair Cream 11-in.1 Hair Beautifier

GLISS Sensational Strength Serum came as a BONUS and that’s what I love about GlossyBox, there is always something additional! It is a tester so I will definitely try it out soon and see if it works for me, but the full size product’s price is 8€ or 79SEK.

So, this month’s box was actually worth around 64€ or 640SEK which is pretty amazing, right? If you are interested in ordering a box (one, six or twelve months), click here and pamper yourself a bit, they ship internationally! It’s a great gift for someone too so why not? :)


8th March is the International Women’s Day and I believe we deserve a bit of spoiling on that day! That is why at the end of my next post (which will be this weekend in category Dear Diary…) I will do an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. I prepared some really adorable and useful beauty products so be sure to come back to my blog in a day or two and participate because it will be amaaazing<3 
Have a lovely day!



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6 thoughts on “Unboxing February GlossyBox + INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY announcement

    1. I haven’t tried Birchbox but why don’t your order one month Glossy and next month Birch and then decide? :) I love that Glossybox always send very valuable and often organic and natural products that I would never be able to buy because they are very expensive, that’s why I really think it’s worth it :) Plus, you can always cancel if you don’t like it! Thank you so much for a lovely comment and have a nice day <3 :)

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