Trend Talk/ How to Bring Spring Into Your Wardrobe in 6 Steps

Spring means waking up, freshness, brightness and changes – in your wardrobe! Through 6 steps, I will guide you to create the best spring closet you ever had by carefully choosing garments, prints, materials and colors. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s jump into the spring wardrobe makeover project.


Before anything, in order to get a nice color palette in your wardrobe, try to get inspired by spring colors for nature – pinks, purples, yellows, blues in warm shades! Think that you will match them with basic colors that you already have in your closet, like black, white, beige, brown or grey. Choosing garments in bright colors will spice up your collection and make it more playful. These color palettes from are amazing and can give you tons of inspiration!

spring color palette by sarahhearts-tile1

spring color palette by sarahhearts-tile

2. Don’t be afraid of FLORAL PRINTS

They are not cheesy, they are not granny and they are definitely trending now! Having one floral printed piece in an outfit can make you look like you gave so much effort into choosing what you wear and you will look awake, fresh and positive! It is proven that colors and prints influence other’s emotions and feelings but also our own. I would suggest to combine floral prints with neutral colors to allow them to stand out and carry the outfit.

Search for cool printed pieces on ASOS, Zalando or which are safe and known web locations for shopping!

floral print fashion spring
Click here for prices 

3. Bye-bye coat, hello TRENCH!

This is the ultimate piece that every wardrobe should have and I blindly follow that (and don’t regret it). Not only that it has a long history (origins are in military, it used to be a raincoat) but it also creates sophisticated, elegant look and still keeps you warm. There are meany to choose from, probably the most famous one is from Burberry, but here I picked more budget friendly examples.

spring trends trench coat wardrobe makover
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It makes me so happy to write that we are out of chunky knitted garments (even tough I love them to the moon and back). Take out (or treat yourself) with some lighter cotton, mixture of silk and chiffon, viscose mixes (be careful with sweating tough, it’s getting warmer :) or thicker linen or denim dresses. You can still throw a pullover on top for chilly days but these materials will just make you feel light and ready for sunny days.

spring fashion materials

5. Let your feet breathe

As much as I love boots, my feet are so much happier in dry/warmer weather footwear. This is a perfect time to wear all ‘transition’ shoes, such as sneakers, ankle boots, ballerinas etc. Uggs should definitely go back to the storage. I actually forget how many ‘transition’ shoes I have because I tend to separate footwear to winter and summer, so if you are like me, check that closet in the basement, you’ll find something new again :)

spring wardrobe makover shoes ballerinas, sneakers and wedge ankle boots
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6. Time for ROMANCE!

Finally, add some romance! This will create happy love in your wardrobe and no one died from that one yet. I am not talking about reds, pinks and hearts, I am talking about drapes, pleats, ruffles or maybe lace. It will make you look feminine, elegant and stylish in a second. If you don’t want to appear too girly and romantic, just pair those pieces with rock inspired leather pants or studded boots and you’re ready to go!

romantic fashion spring trend ruffles pleats drapes
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Including one or two of these ideas will already make a big difference, so just enjoy and next time you go shopping bring spring with you :) I hope you got inspired and if you have some different ideas, let me know in the comments below! 

Have a nice day!



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16 thoughts on “Trend Talk/ How to Bring Spring Into Your Wardrobe in 6 Steps

      1. I have the one from Zara too! The short one! But my absolute favourite is my Burberry one – the father of all trenches!, I bought a while back! The best investment in a clothing piece I did this far! I wore it to pieces and it looks as new! 💕🌸😘

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      2. And I’m not using pro equipment either!… Just an iPhone and always day lighting… When things get a bit gloomy and dark, I get some help from the basic PS Express. But I always adjust my pictures according to the reality! Unless I’m in an artistic mood!

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