Top 5 Spring Lipsticks + Lip Swatches

For me, winter is reserved for darker and wine colors and recently I was just waiting for the moment to replace them with brighter lip colors. I love bold lips but spring for me is all about gentle and subtle colors, pastel, sheer, peaches and pinks! Check out my top 5 for this spring and their swatches on hand and lips.

Last summer I wrote the post about Top Summer Lipsticks that was really popular (click here to check it out) and since it seems like you love to read that kind of posts, I thought why not to show you the lip colors and lipsticks that I think will be perfect for spring and also very suitable for my new job position in one fashion company :)

MeMeMe Lip Glide in Playful Peach

Mememe Cosmetics Lip Glide Lip Pencil Pastel Nude Coral Square Mile of Style

This is the first time I had anything from MeMeMe Cosmetics and I was not really sure that this color will fit me, I was pretty sure it will be too light. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the color kind of adjusts to the color of my lips and creates a nice, light coral shade. I have to say that it is a bit drying so I usually put some lip balm before, but not too much since the color will start sliding on the lips. Besides that, this is a great product, long lasting and very pigmented with very beautiful range of colors!

The price is 11/12€ and it can be ordered on  MeMeMe Cosmetics Website.

MAC Lustre in See Sheer

MAC Luster Sea Sheer Lipstick Square Mile of Style

I got See Sheer last summer but I haven’t been using it that much. The past couple of weeks I’m loving it, I feel like I just discovered it in my lipstick collection. This color belongs to Lustre category which means that it is quite sheer and glossy and that’s the thing I love the most about it. Not dry at all, it looks more like a very pigmented lip gloss, giving a nice, subtle coral effect perfect for daily make up. Also, it lasts for quite a long time, as the most of the MACs do.

The price is 15€ and it can be ordered on official MAC webiste.

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hours in color 33

Bourjois 33 cold pink lipstick 12 hours Square Mile of Style

My little sister got me this one for Christmas and I have been saving it for sunnier days! This is such a beautiful color, it’s like a blushed pink with a bit of coral, really special and it’s probably my favorite these days. It is not really matte but also not to glossy, I can definitely say that it feels like velvet. I am in general a huge fan of Bourjois lip products and have been using them literally since middle school but one thing I have to say is that it doesn’t last for 12 hours (maybe if you don’t drink and eat at all, but I’m not in that group :). However, this lipstick has my huge recommendations!

It can be purchased in various drugstores such as DM, Muller, Boots etc. for 10/11€.

Bobbi Brown in 97 Watermelon

Bobbi Brown Watermelon Lip Color Lipstick Matte Pink Coral Square Mie of Style

I already talked about Bobbi Brown lipsticks in this post and said that this is my perfect summer color but I have been wearing it these days to and wanted to show you how it looks like on the lips. I need to say that this swatch is only one layer and it’s a daylight so it makes it look a bit less pigmented than it really is, it looks much bolder in the real life. I am totally thrilled by the quality and the lasting of this lipstick, totally worth of splurge and it lifts up any make up look.

It is a bit more expensive, cca. 24€ and it can be purchased on Bobbi Brown Website or in Sephora.

Elizabeth Mott Lip Lacquer in Classic Red

Elizabeth Mott Lip Lacquer All day Long Classic Red Lipstick Square Mile of Style

First I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks because they usually dry out my lips like crazy. But not this one! This is the best liquid lipstick I ever tried, it dries mat but still gives a nice feeling. It is truly long lasting and doesn’t move for hours, I can definitely confirm that it’s a bit harder to take it off which tells you all. When you are applying it, it’s more like a gloss, but it dries very quickly and then the bright red gets a bit more subtle and pinkish which I personally love. Two layers give a full bright red though so there are options to choose from.

The price is 21€ but at the moment I couldn’t find any available products on Elizabeth Mott Website.

I would like to point out that in the past few years, I am really trying hard to purchase good quality lipsticks and skip cheap drugstore brands since it feels like a better investment and I can definitely see the quality benefits. 

Let me know below in the comments which lipsticks are your favorite for this spring!

Thank you for reading & have a lovely day!



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13 thoughts on “Top 5 Spring Lipsticks + Lip Swatches

  1. Lijep izbor! Inače volim takve nijanse jer mislim da mi najbolje pristaju s obzirom na svijetlu put i plave oči. Nijedan od ovih nisam probala a po fotografijama favoriti su mi Mac i Bourjois!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Slazem se, ja sam isto plavooka i prilicno blijeda zimi tako da je ovo nekako najbolji izbor ;) Bourjois su prekrasni, imam jos par favorita iz te kolekcije, ali sve u svoje vrijeme ;) Mozda neki DM popust docekamo :D Hvala ti na komentaru i na citanju! 💖💓


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