Brand Discovery/ Combyne – The Fashion App You Need To Have


Can you imagine having all the fashion garments from your favorite brands in one application on your smartphone and see how they would look when combined? I discovered this genius App called Combyne and not only it allows you to have your own closet online and browse worldwide brands but it is also perfect source of fashion inspiration!

Snimka zaslona (17)

Combyne is like an online fashion library in one smartphone application, one of the coolest concepts I’ve ever seen and I had to share it with all of you who love clothes, shopping and the good style. This app is the perfect source of fashion inspiration for any type of outfit, even in those moments when you have “nothing to wear”. Oh, and it is free!

The idea is to allow users to create their own online closet and outfits using garments that they already have and combine them with possible new ones in order to make their shopping and style more successful or to simply explore styles and ideas.


combyne application online fashion closet

Besides that, all outfits that are created (I do it for hours, perfect Candy Crush replacement :) can be shared with other users to get a feedback and share ideas. The most fun part is probably the contest that can be entered with an outfit created on a given theme – and the prizes are actual garments! The details about the app are here.


combyne application online fashion closetcombyne application online fashion closet

The brands you can find in the app range from fast fashion retail brands like Mango and Topshop to luxury brand such as Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and others that are sold at most famous online stores like Net-a-Porter, Farfetch and My Theresa. So, there is everything for everyone, I don’t think there is any other place where you can find that many brands belonging to different price ranges.

So… download it and have fun, I can assure you that it’s hard not to get addicted :D

P.S. Combyne is searching for fashion bloggers to connect with so make sure to check that out if you are a blogger!


Have a lovely week!



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* this is NOT  a sponsored post, only something I like and want to share


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