Brand Discovery/ Illustrations by Margareta + Customized Illustrations GIVEAWAY

I had a great chance to interview one of the biggest uprising fashion and portrait illustrators, Margareta Tilosanec, who’s recently made portrait of Marc Jacobs was liked by Marc Jacobs himself! She is specialized in digital illustrations, deriving inspiration from eye-catching details and music with big future plans. Oh, and there’s a GIVEAWAY too!

SMOS: First of all, you are an amazing artist! When did it all start?

MT: Thank you! I don’t remember when I started drawing but I remember that I fell in love with learning new techniques because the first boy I liked was an artist. I used to bug him to draw for me all the time, as I found it fascinating. My love for fashion illustration developed much later on, in college.

Illustrations by Margareta

SMOS: What inspires you when you illustrate, where do the ideas come from?

MT: My inspiration is usually the object of my illustration – I like personalities that make a mark, which makes the subject interesting no matter how they look. Another thing that inspires me is music, as I usually have headphones on while I’m drawing, sometimes that sets the “mood” of my art.

SMOS: You are drawing on a computer, how did you learn that technique?

MT: When I first started drawing digitally, I was actually just enhancing my traditional technique art piece, I had no idea that digital art was even a thing! Eventually I bought a graphic tablet, I didn’t take any lessons, just watched a lot of YouTube videos. It is not that different from classic pencil drawing.

gigi hadid Illustrations by Margareta

SMOS: How much time does it take for one illustration?

MT: The fastest I have ever drawn an illustration was an hour and a half and the longest one took me about 2 full weeks (approx. 84 hours). The ones that I’m the happiest with usually take 10-12 hours.

SMOS: You are also a fashion designer and many of your illustrations present your design, what comes first, illustration or the finished product?

MT: They are very linked. I have a disability because of which I cannot sew on my own which is one of the reasons I developed my fashion illustration technique into such details – to do experimenting I would have otherwise done in fabric/sewing.

SMOS: If you could choose one drawing technique to use for the rest of your life…

MT: Digital! Of traditional ones ink… or charcoal. I’m a Gemini, we’re terrible at choosing favourites. 

Illustrations by Margareta

SMOS: Favorite and inspiring illustrators?

MT: Katie Rodgers (@paperfashion), David Downtown (@DavidDowntown) and Shamekh Bluwi (@shamekh Bluwi)

SMOS: What are the future plans, any new projects?

MT: Yes, there is a lot going on! I am currently making bookmarkers which will start selling in June and I am also preparing non-fashion related illustrations of European cities I have visited.

SMOS: Margareta, it was a pleasure to have you here on Square Mile of Style, I wish you all the best in your future work and lots of success!

MT: Thank you for having me!






10.04. -20.04.2016.

1 x  customized illustration of your choice, A3 format

2 x illustrations from the archive (which are available), A3 format


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