Must-Watch Fashion Documentary: The True Cost

Who really pay the price for what we wear? As fast fashion consumers, we buy without thinking where our clothes came from, how much does it really cost or what it takes to be made. The demand is higher than ever while media constantly exposes the terrifying consequences of mass production…but would it be produced it no one would want it?


An alarming and heartbreaking documentary by Andrew Morgan about the backstage of the fashion industry is something that any fashion lover, trend-setter or trend-follower should watch. Not because it’s a horrible story that will make you emotional and because we live in a world where sad stories sell but because we are the ones who are fueling this industry. 

The True Cost was filmed all over the world, investigating both the worst sweat-shops and the sparkling runways. Stella McCartney, Vandana Shiva and Livia Firth were interviewed as fashion world’s influencers giving their thoughts and ways to deal with what fashion industry happened to be.


Being involved in fashion for years now makes me understand that it’s impossible to break the circle if we as consumers don’t change ourselves. Sustainability is the additional plus, the word on the tag that people clap hands for, instead of being the norm, the usual way of producing clothes that we all buy in H&M or Mango. I know, it is hard not to buy a T-shirt that costs 3€ or a dress that’s only 10€. 

But is it really worth it?

Instead of shopping, spend an hour and a half watching this The True Cost!

Watch The True Cost ( available on Netflix, iTunes, VHX and more)

I would love to discuss your thoughts and opinions about the movie down in the comments so feel free to say what you think! :)

Have a nice week!



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