WEEKEND HIGHLIGHTS/ White Rabbit’s Room from Wonderland

My dear friend Alice shared a little secret with me about her favorite place for Sunday breakfast in Munich and I rushed this weekend to find out what is it so wonderful about it! I swear this is the cutest cafe/restaurant I’ve seen so far!

Little to say – this is the entrance to wonderland, obviously lead by White Rabbit! The ambient is adorable, stylish and decorated just like you accidentally ended up in the cutest creative mess covered in white. I was charmed right away! Not to mention that this small restaurant has a store within where all of us kitchen supplies lovers (and tons of unnecessary cute things) can spend the whole day, only looking! 

White rabbit's room  breakfast munich 1

Alice (isn’t it funny that her name matches so well with all this Wonderland story?) told me to book a table because it is very crowded and it was smart to listen to her. Booking is just three clicks on white-rabbits-room.de so you don’t have to worry about waiting for a table.

Now what I came for – the food! Out of the cute menu I found on my table I picked omelette and waffle with fruits, joined by fresh apple juice. This is a breakfast and brunch place and some complicated, long-cooked dishes shouldn’t be expected. My food arrived in less than 10 minutes which was amazing considering the fact that they were full. I enjoyed every bite, I think that photos say enough! 

White rabbit's room breakfast munich 3-horz

White rabbit's room breakfast munich 3-horz

Prices are I would say normal for a central part of Munich – this breakfast was around 14€. For a lovely coffee or treat with a friend or simply the hangover morning with good food – it’s worth it!

White rabbit's room  breakfast munich waffle n.jpg


Have a lovely day!



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  1. it sure looks like a fantastic experience! :) xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty


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