8 things that make long distance relationship easier (I promise!)

Let’s reveal the truth right away – sitting and waiting (and thinking how you can’t do this) for the time to go by is the worst idea ever. The more you do (together), the better it will be. Moreover, it will create special memories that will just bring you more together. Here are my tested recipes!

I was in a long distance relationship for almost two years before I moved to Sweden. If you haven’t, you can read a part of my experience here . This time I thought it would be helpful to share what helped us going through!

Download the COUPLES App

Trust me, you need this one. I will not go through many different options you have there from texting to drawing, the most important one is a thumb kiss. It sounds so stupid at the beginning but hey, it worked for my relationship, why wouldn’t it for yours? It is anyway the only way to actually virtually feel some kind of physical connection.

Watch movies and shows together

How? Super simple – start movies at the same time on your computers and be on the phone (Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger…) at the same time so you can actually comment on stuff like you are watching it right next to each other. This used to be a lot of fun for us!

Have a date night

I always felt like long distance requires more time to spend on the phone than we would spend in the real life, only because you are so limited to words. Try and set up an evening (or  whatever fits you) in a week that will be reserved only for you and your conversation with a camera. Then just simply eat together, plan your next visits or trips, let yourself daydream for a little while…

Letters and care packages

I just love letters (which doesn’t mean that everyone has to) and the ones we exchanged in past two years mean so much to me. Care packages, on another hand, saved me for so many times. Shirt with a perfume on is a must in this one, I don’t even care how cheesy it sounds, it made so many nights easier :)

Fall asleep together

Exactly, you do it just how you think you do it. Talk, say good night and stay on the line. Nothing better than falling asleep like that! P.S. don’t do this if you work the next morning.

Make a photo album

It’s not lame and it’s not stupid. It was my only way to make myself feel better when I missed Petter so bad. Looking at photos and all the moments we spent together makes it clear to you why it is easier rather than harder. On top of that, it is now so nice to look back at all the traveling and visiting we did.

Good morning and good night

Talk every day, if possible. If nothing else, say good morning and good night to each other. It is so easy to start talking less and less, especially if you have a lot of other things going on in life. As Petter says, keep a routine!

Create future plans

I think that most important thing in long distance relationship is  to be sure that there is the end. One goal that you will reach at some point in life. Create that goal together, be tolerant and explore the options that will bring you to the same place. And then build your own little future on that option. Sometimes one of you has to give up more, next time the other one, but remember that it takes two for love and relationship to work – be partners and work together, be openminded. 

P.S. it is whatever works for you! Long distance relationship is a hard work from both sides. If you want it enough, it won’t be hard to go through it, you know why? Because you should always look to the future and know that one day it will be worth it. 

Have a lovely day!



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