I am Andrea,

a 24 year old small town girl from Croatia. In 2015 I packed my suitcases and went into a real life adventure! After finishing Bachelor in Fashion Design in Croatia, I started the Master Program in Fashion Management in Sweden and today I live in Amsterdam.

I truly enjoy creativity, aesthetic and curating what is new on the market, it has always been a part of me and it just makes me happy and entertained – this is where my passion for fashion and cosmetics comes from. I love exploring and discovering new places all over the world and flavours from different cuisines, traveling is a big part of me and so is spending time with my family and friends. And during the time I am at home, I adore movie evenings at home with my fiancé,  surrounded by candles and a bowl of chips!

Square Mile Of Style blog is a reflection of my life from many aspects, a small online corner where I love to share my thoughts, ideas and all the things that make my life happy and bright with you and be your company during your coffee break, weather you are interested in fashion, beauty, traveling or maybe life experiences that you can relate to.

Welcome and thank you for stopping by, enjoy your time here!

xoxo, Andrea