February Beauty Favorites – Clinique, Royal Aphotic,Soap & Glory and more |2016|

This month I used a lot of new beauty products which resulted in some great findings that I ended up using very often and for sure I will purchase them again. In these Favorites I concentrate more on products for skincare rather than make up because I really picked products I did and will continue to use on a regular basis as a part of my daily routine.  Continue reading “February Beauty Favorites – Clinique, Royal Aphotic,Soap & Glory and more |2016|”


Hello my beautiful friends :)

Today I decided to do my “summer favorites” for June/July and share with you what are my current favorites during these very very hot days in Croatia. When I started collecting things for the post, I realised that pretty much everything I have is in pink-peach tones which looks super sweet and girly and I love it!
I’ll just jump straight to reviews and impressions and I hope you’ll enjoy this post :)

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