2016. je bila pravi izazov i godina puna iskustava, a samim tim i idealna prilika za ucenje zivotnih lekcija koje danas dijelim s vama. Advertisements

8 things that make long distance relationship easier (I promise!)

Let’s reveal the truth right away – sitting and waiting (and thinking how you can’t do this) for the time to go by is the worst idea ever. The more you do (together), the better it will be. Moreover, it will create special memories that will just bring you more together. Here are my tested…

My fashion internship experience + how to become an intern?

It has been roughly 2 weeks since I walked out of the office that was my working temple for past two and a half months. Having an internship in a fashion tech company was such an experience which I will share with you – adding a bit of advice an tips on how to find…

MORNING CHAT/ Done is better than perfect

Is there a little perfectionism devil inside of you? I’ve been on that roller coaster for a while in the past. Today I want to chat about how important it is to know when to stop and when “done” starts being better than “perfect”.

MORNING CHAT/ Never go to bed in a fight

I never wrote about my relationship here on the blog and today I though, why not? It is the most important part of my life and something I worked, work and will work on every single day of my life, no excuses. Btw have you ever been in long distance relationship?